Monumental beat-down

With all of the backlash, hate generated criticism, bad press, some contrived conversations PDT is getting slammed at him; I am wondering just how resilient the man is.

I do not remember anyone in political office ever taking such a shellacking.  The attacks on him have been non stop and brutal.

Is some of it deserved? Possibly but by no means to the extent that we are witnessing. Even a most seasoned, hardened general on the front lines would have difficulty tolerating  all of this abuse.

The personal attacks on PDT are bad enough but the assault on his family is uncalled for. Just how vindictive  can  many of the purveyors of punishment be to stoop so low by bringing PDT’s family into the mud slinging game.  As far as I am concerned, families on all sides should be off limits.

Many of the boulder rollers are scumbags in their own right and have absolutely no business criticizing or sounding on anyone. It has grown into a execution frenzy by people that are bound and determined to kick PDT out of office. A good percentage of them have not taken stock of themselves lately.

It was a conscience of opinions the public wanted change in DC. They were sick and tired of the good old boys club that ran DC like it was their own personal bank account. There were absolutely no boundaries for these political thieves. They ruled with impunity, answering to no one and no accountability.  PDT getting elected was supposed to put and end to the monopoly THE GOOD OLD BOYS had on DC by cleaning the swamps.

What we are witnessing is, corruption and dishonesty in many cases is much more powerful than honesty and integrity.

There may be a few other issues that are fueling the fires BUT, the Big But; the vast majority of the dissension  has been generated by the democrats losing the election.  Some outsider came into town and upset their apple cart and they do not like it.

They have surrounded themselves with groups of lame-brained idiots, many that call themselves celebs, that will do or say anything, true or false to discredit PDT. They have no shame.

Only one of thousands of examples.


Optimistically, the smart thing to do is, sooner or later all sides should come together, sit around the camp-fire, lite the peace-pipe and do what is best for the country. Do I see that happening?  Absolutely not.

With all the time, energy and money it has cost these fools to act like spoiled brats, it is shameful. All of their efforts should be focused at something more constructive. The Lord knows we sure need it badly.

As things stand now; we are driving in reverse to get to our destination.  All sides concerned have to put their ego’s in the closet, tone down their rhetoric, try to be more conciliatory and GROW UP.  They are misbehaving like a bunch of spoiled brats that are used to getting their way all their life. Now that someone stole their cookies, they are stomping their feet and banging their heads against the floor.

I hope the Commander-on-Chief has the resiliency to weather the storm. He is going to need it.


A smile of disgust.

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