Insatiable appetite for yacking

Is it legal for Trump to share classified intelligence? Yes, but risky, experts say

With all of the attributes PDT has (some may question this statement), the fact that he tries to play it close to the vest and be very secretive, he has an insatiable appetite for yacking.  It is amusing how he has demonstrated that time and again with all of the tweeting and public statements he makes.

A quote from one of our dearly departed scholars:


It is common knowledge to most of us; the more a person yacks, the more they are open to criticism.  Since is golden.


I would hope for his sake, PDT will taper back on all of his commentary. It has been the root of much of the condemnation leveled at him.

I really don’t know if he was out of line yacking to the Russian diplomat, exactly what he divulged or if he was out of line.  We all know that there are factions out there sharpening their sabers, just waiting for the slightest Faux Pas for them to jump on.  I wonder where the hell they were for the last 8 years??

It is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks. BUT, always the Big But; a word to the wise should be sufficient.

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