One again I will ask; what the hell…..

North Korea says it has right to ‘ruthlessly punish’ detained Americans

One again I will ask; what the hell are these Americans doing in North Korea?

I may have a calloused attitude in many areas, especially where situations can be avoided.

I can understand young fools that make a mistake and have a LITTLE compassion for them. BUT, the BIG BUT; old fools to me are the worst. They keep doing the same stupid things over and over, then expect to be bailed out.

It may be a poor comparison. The people that climb Mt. Everest or undertake some other adventurous challenge and they find themselves in a predicament, should they expect to be bailed out?  They know the dangers involved before they start their climb and should not expect anyone to rescue them if and when.  Or if they are rescued; they should have to pay for that service.

Likewise; with people that go where they do not belong; should they expect to be rescued or cause an incident where innocent people may get killed trying? I don’t think so.  There have been numerous cases such as that over the years.

IF, IF they were kidnapped and did not go to an area of their own free will, that to me is a different story.

This is a warning posted to all potential American travelers that are foolish enough to venture into NK:

“U.S. citizens in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are at serious risk of arrest and long-term detention under North Korea’s system of law enforcement,” the officials said. “The U.S. government has no diplomatic or consular relations with North Korea; we have no means to provide normal consular services to U.S. citizens there.” 

And they still go.  As harsh as it may sound; they deserve what they get.

If I am cruising down the road on my Harley, I see a bar with 50 motor cycles parked in front with Hells Angles written all over them and decide to go in for a cold one; 10 minutes I get thrown through the front door with two broken legs; who should I blame?

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Life can be as simple as one chooses.


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