Russian Goolunie Buster Test

Russian jet flies within 20 feet of US Navy plane

When there are no other options left, I guess the USA is going to have to make an example of one of the Russian planes that continue to harass and test our patience.

These deliberate incidents directed and orchestrated by the Judo Guy need to halted.

If I were PDT, I would pick up that Red Phone he has on the desk, call that Russian antagonist and lay it on the line.

Dear Mr. Judo Guy; the next time we have an incident, we ARE going to take retaliate with force. 

Уважаемый г-н Дзюдо Гай; В следующий раз, когда у нас будет инцидент, мы собираемся принять ответные меры с применением силы.

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Then I would overnight him this little gadget to see if he gets the hint.

The USA can not sit on its hands, waiting for one of the bogus attacks to become real and cause the death of Americans.

It is a known fact that MANY foreign countries have very little regard for human life.  Putin could care less if one of his pilots got blasted out of the sky. To him and fools like him, they are all expendables.

The Judo Guy is a 5′ 7” very powerful (military wise) bully that enjoys throwing that 170 pound frame he carries like he is a 450 pound sumo wrestler.

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I gotta believe that MOST of his Russian opponents let THE BOSS win. You know, either let him win or the rock pile in Siberia.  Not much of a choice.

I don’t know if PDT has made that collect call yet, but it is long overdue. Being proactive is the key to winning and staying alive.

Just how long is the USA going to stand for Russia’s playing war? We have seen enough abuse directed at the USA for the last 8 years with no action taken.

Ask yourself one question. What if the circumstances were reversed; how many times do you think TJG would put up with it?

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