Make it on OUR terms

North Korea open to US talks under right conditions, diplomat says

I know that PDT is a hell of a negotiator and has years of experience under that size 44 – 46 belt line of his.

If and when (I have my doubts that the meeting ever takes place); PDT must be the one that is setting the ground rules.

I always will maintain, it is a good thing to settle a dispute peacefully; BUT the big BUT. When our back is against the wall and we have nowhere else to go, we have to do what we have to do to stay alive.  If a face to face meeting with the KID  can save millions of lives; why not??

Based on the assumption PDT  sets the rules, I doubt if the Kid-Dick-Tator  will ever agree to a meeting.  To him it is all about saving face and looking powerful to his people and the world.

In all reality, he truly is a demented brat that has some very powerful weapons at his disposal and is just nutty enough to use them if he feels he is on the way out, in one fashion or the other.

When a person like the Kid is raised under the conditions he has been, it is extremely difficult to reason with them. They are not wired like a normal, seasonable human-being.


Everything he does is a compulsion and for show. He has been brain washed since birth into believing his superiority to the rest of the human race.

Round and round we go; where we stop, no one knows!

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger!




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