Wa$te of time and $oldi

Trump set to meet with Russia’s top diplomat at White House

I think that is a very good move. PDT should break bread with the enemy but he will not get in bed with them.

Keep an eye on the hog and a finger on the trigger.

All of the stiffs that are trying to put a noose around PDT’s neck are just pissing away millions of dollar$ and wa$ting valuable time that can be used for something more constructive.

Let us be hypothetical and say the head-hunters do find that PDT crossed a line he shouldn’t have. What are they going to do about it, slap him on the wrist?

In modern times, the USA has had more presidents that have gone sour and never did anything, except for Tricky Dick. His ego killed him. If he would have burned the tapes, he would never had to boarded Marine Corps 1 backward.


The fact of the matter is, Nixon did not do anything any other president did, except he got caught.

For the unspeakable shot Wild Bill pulled while in office or should I say under his desk; there is no question that he should have been impeached.

But the government is like the Catholic religion; they try to soft-soap and dismiss anything inappropriate for the sake of being not being humiliated, the almighty dollar and saving face.

The only reason these fools are incisively chasing PDT is for NO OTHER REASON except they lost the election. The other blinded fools in the parade are just sheep that don’t want to be left out of the pack.  Just like teenagers that do anything just to fit in with the crowd.


Has PDT pulled a few capers that are popular? Absolutely yes!! BUT, the BIG BUT; no one came be an effective leader or boss and please everyone. (RIGHT JIMMY)

Fools, suck it up and move on to more constructive issues. What you are fighting is a no win situation and very BAAAAAAAD for our country.



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