Private masseuses anyone??

Chicago inmates can now order pizza directly to their cells


Inmates in the Cook County Jail can now order pizza delivered directly to their cells. The medium-security prison has allowed pre-trial detainees to use their commissary to purchase pizza cooked on the premise.

Ok, guys; we are really going to throw the book at you thugs for breaking the law.  Starting next week, we will continue to allow you all to have conjugal visits in your cells but cut it back to a maximum of 4 times a week.

Who the hell ever said crime does not pay?

For many of the criminals, when they go to the slams, they never had it so good. It is like old home week. Half of the people they know are in there.  They get three meals a day – an air conditioned and heated roof over their heads – free TV – a weight room – a library (those that are able to read), free food and now the authorities in Chicago are really punishing them for breaking the law; they are allowed to have pizza delivered directly to their cells.

Being that I have a very suspicious mind; I would bet that somewhere down the pepperoni trail, someone is getting their palm$ grea$ed. Gotta be more to this foolish move than meets the palate.

Not to worry; if this experiment goes well, the hard-line disciplinarian authorities in Chicago are going to allow the thugs to have their private masseuses come in to give the stressed out thugs a rubdown.  After all, these guys are under a lot of pressure and need that special kid-glove treatment.

Champagne or caviar anyone??    indexindex

They really know how to discipline their criminals in The Windy City.  No wonder they have such lawlessness there; they are all breaking the law so they will be sent to jail for an all inclusive vacation.






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