Even the playing field

Black Student Confronts Teacher Who Insists He Can Use Racial Slur

It is my opinion that there should be an even playing field among races. What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander.


In Benjamin Franklin High School, in New Orleans, a black kid got into s shouting match with a teacher as to whether or not it was appropriate for the teacher to use the word nigger.

As far as I am concerned, if the black people do not want the white people to use the N-word, they should make an effort to quit using it themselves.  To some of them, it is a badge of honor, to me, it is very offensive.

How many slang words do the black people have for the white people. Honkey – cracker – milky, redneck, trailer trash, snow white, casper, whitey, albino, twig nose, tight asses, frosty, marshmallow, klansmen, wigger, wonderbread, blue-eyed devil, cocksauce – mayo, saltine, pale face, frosty, frosted flake, hillbilly, gringo; for starters.

What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. If you deal, you have to shuffle. What goes around, usually comes around.

If a black person thinks it is OK to call a white person anything but a white person, they should have no objections if the white person calls them anything but a black person.

It is very apparent that the people who use these slang words are all a bunch of goolunie smashers. One of these days, hopefully, the games are going to stop between races and everyone will be just a person instead of a slang word. It is extremely juvenile and distasteful on both sides of the racial divide.

I keep asking the same question. Do all of the fools in this world want to pass this nonsense on to their kids and grandchildren? By the looks of it, there are millions of fools that like it the way it is. Grow-up dummies.




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