The power of language

USA Today

Swearing can make us more powerful, experts say:

At times, I must be one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Rarely do we hear about the benefits of ponying up to the swear jar. But researchers found a potty mouth can make us more physically stronger.

The British Psychology Society released data of two experiments on Thursday that display the power of profanity.

In the first, 29 people completed an intense bicycle exercise after swearing and not swearing. Another 52 people completed a grip test after both swearing and not swearing.

Those who swore in the first experiment produced more power. Those who cursed in the second test displayed a stronger hand grip, leading researchers to their find.

There are many ways to look at using vulgarity.  It can be used in anger when you cuss someone out, how one expresses them self, a stress reliever, joking with a friend, even to compliment someone. Man; you look pretty fuckin good today!

Being cussed at can be perceived in different ways, many times determined by the person inflection of their voice. One person may say to a friend, how you doin today mother fucker. That greeting would be taken as mere conversation.  One the other side of the coin, the same person may say to someone they do not like; who you lookin at mother fucker. It is the same word used but a different intent.

Using vulgarity can be healthy. It releases pent-up pressures.  The most essential thing a habitual cusser should be aware of is; where and when to use it. Sometimes it is appropriate and other times it is offensive.

More and more people are using the word fuck than ever before. The word fuck is used in just about everything we watch on cable TV. It has become a big part of some people’s everyday way of communicating.

The ghetto boys have it down pat. Every other word out of their mouth is, fuck this and fuck that.  They are so used to using the word fuck with such frequency, they do not realize they are doing it.

The guy in this video could not have done a better job explaining the complete definition of what the word fuck is all about.

I really don’t think I can add much more to the video.

The thing about a good and honest blogger; they must shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is.  Virtually every article is newsworthy in one way or another.

A while back I read a remark from someone that said; the reason some people that cuss with frequency, they are not able to keep an intelligent conversation. I will agree that may be a fact in some cases, but not all.

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