A diamond among the fagasi

Actor Floors Carlson With Comments About Free Speech, Civics Education

It is refreshing to see that one of the Beautiful People has something between his ears.


Dreyfuss said that not only is freedom of speech essential, regardless of the consequences, but free speech and education are the only ways to address America’s collective ignorance about the foundational principles of the nation enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“I think any intrusion into freedom of speech is an intrusion into freedom of speech. And when one of the presidents of one of the colleges said, ‘This is a school, not a battlefield,’ I said, no, it is a battlefield of ideas and we must have dissonant, dissenting opinions on campuses and I think it’s political correctness taken to a nightmarish point of view,” Dreyfuss said.

Is there hope for the rest of the sheep in the flock?? It is doubtful. They still haven’t figured out that following their leaders over the cliff can be deadly.


I have to respect a person in Dreyfus’s position that is willing to go against the grain.

I am sure; after that statement, his name was taken off many of the A-listers gatherings.  He is a lot better off. I don’t have any idea how all of those phony/shallow people can tolerate one another.  Birds of a feather.


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