Baiting the whales

Trump’s diplomatic style on dealing with dictators is making heads explode

The news media makes a big thing on how PDT handles The Judo Guy and the Kid Dick-Tator. Personally, I think PDT is making the right moves trying to set up a dialog and a working relationship with the two madmen.

Putin and Kim Jangjoni (or whatever his name is) have been misbehaving for years and are not going to stop anytime soon.  If possible, without compromising our security and safety, if PDT had some common ground with the two wack-jobs, it would be to the benefit of the world.

I don’t necessarily have to like the guy that owns the store where I buy my Capicola, bacala, and Salami to shop there.  He has something I need, he provides it to me, I shop there, we are both happy and I tell him to kiss my ass under my breath as I walk out the door.


Anyone that thinks PDT loves these two yardbirds has to have rocks in their heads. He is trying to come to a peaceful resolution to prevent WW !!!. Take your heads out of your keisters and see the forest even though the tree are there.  Don’t be such fools.

I can not find one minus to PDT having a relationship with those two if the outcome is beneficial to mankind. Keep this in mind. They are not going to change their MO anytime soon.

If we can prevent this; by the way of conversation; why not???


At least, give The Man credit for trying to do what many of the past presidents didn’t.

I had a very old friend of mine tell me; There is nothing wrong with breaking bread with the enemy; as long as we do not sleep with them. He was a very wise man!!

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