A Virgin, she is not!!

Sparks are flying over Kim Kardashian West’s new Kimoji candle

Is there anything this bimbo will not sink to to get some ink? I really doubt it, she has proven that in the past and continues to do so.


Talk about being spaced out or totally delusional; this broad takes 1st prize.

I always give credit where it is due. Is Kimbo a savvy business person? That answer is yes BUT, always the BIG BUT, so are drug dealers. What should be the barometer for how successful one becomes?

There should be limits to what people with scruples do to make their mark in life. Key words, with scruples. They absolutely have none and would run over their grandmother with an 18 wheeler to get to a dime laying in the road.

I could really care less about what fools like the Car-dash-ians do; it doesn’t affect my life in the least. What bothers me is the miserable influence they have on kids in this world.  There are no boundaries and nothing sacred to the bums.

For this piece of work to compare herself to The Blessed Virgin as shown in the picture, it is a sacrilege. The only thing that MAY BE virgin on her, may be her ears. That is a BIG maybe.

People want to talk about how good the modern days are. They have their pluses BUT certainly have many minuses in every department.

I remember in the 40’s – 50’s when there was some degree of morality and respect in this country.

Just a small example: If a person was divorced back then, they better not even think of running for any political office, they didn’t stand a chance of being elected.  Today, that would eliminate about 15 – 20%, of all politicians if not more, including PDT.

Is that extreme? Probably a little, but the disappearance and values of core principles has had snowball effect on many other issues.  We never saw disgraceful expositions of people like we do today BUT we did not have the internet.  There are always very big trade-offs to progress.

Aside from the negative influence the bums have on the kids, it is the older people, their parents and family members that support this kind of lifestyle.

The Car-dash-ians kids are bad BUT the matriarch is the real villain. She has groomed and stroked her kids in every move they have made to be financially successful. I say she is despicable.  I saw her on a TV talk show defending the infamous KIM TAPE.


To the many people, in and out of La La Land, that support them, they also are a disgrace.

Any fool can go the OTHER WAY in their life for financial gain and fame. It is very easy to become a drug dealer – a pimp – a porno degenerate; it takes a strong person with a constitution, backbone and integrity to walk the straight and narrow.

I always have the utmost respect for the kids, especially the ones from under-privileged families that work in Micky D’s or in other similar occupations. It would be very easy for them to go the other way. Instead of them making 10.00 an hour, they can make 100.00 a minute or more. Kids like them have my deepest respect. It takes a lot more intestinal fortitude to walk the straight line rather than it does to travel the crooked road!

Will the respect and morality in this world ever get back to where it used to be? I really doubt it.  The family unity has long gone and is never coming back. Just the fact that some many people are not getting married these days tells a big tale.

Does that piece of paper really mean anything. No, BUT it is symbolic of doing the right thing.  In 2014, 25% of all couples were married. I can imagine what the numbers are today. Marriage is just one of the many proper formalities that has been lost in the shuffle and will never return.

Just like the Kingston Trio sang about years back:


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