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I’m an American citizen First. Last. Always.

We all need to give President-Elect Trump a chance. Support the good. Lobby against what we disagree on. No one is bigger than us all

One Nation. Under God. Indivisible. With Liberty and Justice for All.

Even with all of the criticism Mark Cuban slung at Donald Trump during the presidential campaign; he still had to make the right choice and voted for the best of the two candidates.


Sometimes the American people were pushed to the hilt trying to make the right decision.  I never had a doubt on where my check mark was going.  As bad at Trump was in some areas, I could NEVER imagine Bill’s Bride sitting on the Big Loveseat with her hubby.  Right now the USA would be eating out of Russia, China, and Iran’s hands.

The Prince of Shark Tank echoed exactly what I said from the beginning. Does Trump have some hang-ups, does he get out of line from time to time, does he say the wrong thing occasionally, has he crossed the line many times when he should not have, is he arrogant, is he full of himself, is he braggadocious? The answer to all of the above is YES, and probably a few that I missed.

But always the BIG BUT, in his own way, he is as honest as any person could be in his position, he can not be pushed around by his domestic or foreign enemies, he is a TRUE patriot, he can not be bought off in the dirty game of politics, he does not owe anyone any favors he is obligated to pay back at the expense of the American people, he is very business savvy, he has done in a few short months what Obama could not do in 8 years and most of all, PDT loves the United States.

Based on some of the bazaar moves Obama made while in office, it leads a person to wonder just what some of his motives were.  Some even considered some actions anti-American.

There is one thing that Mr. Cuban fell short on. Would he undertake what PDT  did? I said way back when; if Trump wins the election, he would have to take a few steps down in his lifestyle to serve as president.

For starters, he would have step-down from this to this. (small example of the big picture)

9            index

There has never been and never will be another person in the history of the United States that will sacrifice as much of their personal wealth and change their way of life as Trump did to try and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  Even the boulder rollers can’t disagree.

Let us ask Mark Cuban or any other billionaire if they would have come off of their throne to undertake the mess Trump did?

The boulder rollers, in all of their ignorance; if they are truthful, have to admit that no one else they know would have given up Trump’s lifestyle for his country as he did.  Talk is very cheap.


I am not foolish enough to think that somewhere down the line, being the president PDT is going to enrich himself. BUT, always the BIG BUT, it is a hell of a crap shot. He can either roll a 7 or 11 or crap out by rolling snake eyes.

s-l300                                                76

Mark Cuban is a good man and has a lot of sense. BUT, always the BIG BUT; as much as he disliked/dislikes PDT for some of the things he has done, it is his recommendation to support the man and give him a chance to prove himself.

Cuban came up with a good analogy: He calls it “Political chemotherapy.” 

Is PDT going to make some mistakes along the way? I worked with a black guy that always said; if you don’t ever do anything, you can never make a mistake. WELL!!!

The boulder rollers are still licking their wounds after taking a severe beating. Hopefully, someday they will see the wisdom in supporting the president instead of smashing his goolunies at every turn.  In all reality, they are working against the country they profess to love.

Listen closely to what The Shark had to say.

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