Fantasy Land at it’s finest

Malkin: ‘Hollywood-Media Complex’ Want to ‘Make America Obama Again’

This is one of the reasons why it is called La La Land. The people behind this move,  definitely live in fantasy land.  They are all too ignorant to see the severity of what is happening in this world.
 Conservative Review host Michelle Malkin said Hollywood and the press formed a united front against President Trump, trying to undermine him and “Make America Obama Again.”

Michelle hit the nail on the head. One of the issues these fools do not realize or better yet, do not want to admit, why hasn’t the lid been completely blown off the world’s affairs, is because of the new Sherriff in town who is attempting to repair the last couple decades of government mismanagement. Because of PDT our adversaries (and we do have many of them) are very cautious about making the wrong move.  They know it may be their last.

Will PDT ever get credit for keeping the peace, keeping a lid on things and keeping America safe? Hell no, all the naysayers will say; I told you nothing was going to happen. 

To the anti-fools out there; if nothing happens, if PDT is able to keep the USA safe, it is because PDT has laid down the gauntlet.

Don’t ever bullshit yourself into thinking; if China, Russia, Iran and a few others ever had the slightest inclination they could wipe out the USA, all of us would never see the 4th of July.

Give The Man credit or at least support him for what he is attempting to do; keeping your anti-asses safe.

Milkin told it like it is. Obama and his supporters are the reason why the USA is in the critical condition it is in today.

‘Hollywood-Media Complex’ Want to ‘Make America Obama Again’.

These fools would not recognize reality if it smacked them in the face. Possibly that is what they need; a good smack to wake them up.


The only thing that our adversaries understand is power and strength. That is what we have in this president. Listen to the lady that has been there.


They fell on their face in Georgia the other day.  I think they are too delusional to know that they had their day in the sun and blew it.

Star power burned out?????

Democrats throw millions, Hollywood punch into Georgia House race

Possibly the beautiful people have seen their day and their star power had its power cord pulled.  That fact was established in the presidential election where Bill’s bride had her keister handed to her on a silver platter.

I don’t know how much clout the La La Land Lad and Lasses have left.

Democrats are pumping millions into the Georgia congressional election set for Tuesday, hoping a 30-year-old political upstart who’s attracting star power can deliver a rebuke to President Trump and help the party reclaim lost momentum. 

Hollywood has even come out for the off-cycle vote, with actor Samuel L. Jackson cutting a radio ad urging voters to flip the seat once held by Republican Tom Price, who is now Trump’s health secretary. 

Gotta give the demo’s one thing. When they go out, they go in style. As we can see they have tapped their TOP DOG Slamming Sammy Jackson to be their beacon. Yeah; the classy guy that said;

Samuel L. Jackson On Trump: “If That Mother Fucker Becomes President I Will Move My Black Ass To South Africa”

Class act; HUH???




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