One less prisoner to feed



Example # 2 for the day:

I hope the ghetto wanna-bee bad asses, of all races in this country, that idolize fools like Hernandez, see what happens to a person that wants to be a gangster.


Prison officials found Hernandez in his cell wearing a necktie but he was not going to a party.

This guy had the world by the goolunies and he blew it because he wanted to be a wise-guy. He had money, fame, all the skirts in the world chasing him, big house, multiple cars and most of all talent.

He flushed that all down the toilet because he wanted to step up in life.

I say it is a good thing he took his own life. He just demonstrated to everyone that he not only was a cold-blooded killer but a coward as well. He did the crime but could not do the time. Possibly Aaron didn’t like the room service.

Heed the word youngsters. There is a lot that life has to offer and you don’t have to be a gangster to get it.  EDUCATION in all areas is the key word to being successful!!! Don’t wind up wearing a necktie like Hernandez and nowhere to go.

Don’t wind up wearing a necktie like Hernandez and nowhere to go.

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