No longer a factor on the Factor

If the accusations are correct, Bill ORilley is just another in the very long line of horny men that let their wrong head do their thinking.

Most come and stay for a short time, some come and stay a little longer. Bill ORilley came on the media scene and squatted for quite some time. To be exact 21years.


The O’Reilly Factor, originally titled The O’Reilly Report from 1996 to 1998[1] and often called The Factor, was an American cable television news and talk show that aired on Fox News from 1996 to 2017. The show was hosted by political commentator Bill O’Reilly, who often discussed current controversial political issues with guests.

In 21-years Bil made a good name for himself in most circles. He was viewed as a fair-minded, but stubborn Irish that held a pen in his hand, either for a weapon or a security blanket.

He did his homework and did a pretty good job behind the news desk.

The O'Reilly Factor - title sequence image.png
Also known as The O’Reilly Report (1996–98)
Genre Talk show
Created by Bill O’Reilly
Presented by Bill O’Reilly (1996–2017)
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 20
No. of episodes 5,321
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Fox News Channel
Original network Fox News Channel
Picture format HDTV 720p
Original release October 7, 1996 – April 21, 2017

Like many highly successful men in and out of the business world, Bill got out of line with some of the opposite sex.

It has not been proven to what the extent of his involvement was BUT, always the BIG BUT, I am sure now that he was shown the exit door, there will be droves of fair-haired maidens coming out of the woodwork crying foul, some for real and some fugazi’s. If it can be proven, the ladies should be compensated.

If it were not for the sponsors dropping Fox, Bill would still be on the No Spin Zone.


Because of his indiscretions, the lad is pissing away the 24 million dollar$ a year Fox was paying him.  I don’t care if it is Bill Gates, 24 million a year is a lot of $oldi.

I said this earlier in the week, he would not be coming back from his supposed vacation.  He was OK until all of the bigger sponsors started dropping  Fox like like a dish of Hot Mulligan stew.


Even if it is a hooker (not a fisherman, a lady of the night) says no, it should be no!!

There has to be a quirk in some of these playboys cranium that drives them to misbehave with the opposite sex.  In my opinion, only a small degree is the sexual part, it is the power and the control thing for these bad-boys.  They want to dominate the ladies.

It is a shame that for all the good he has done, he, like Pa Pa Joe Paterno, only in a different dimension, will only be remembered for one thing.

Vacation or departure

The word is out that Bill O’Reilly is taking a sabbatical from his nightly TV program. Will this be a sabbatical or a bon voyage? It is apparent and the truth cannot be concealed that Mr. O’Reilly crossed the line


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