Learn by someone else’s misdeeds

Fresno shooting rampage: Suspected gunman wanted to kill as many white people as possible, cops say

The black community should use this shooting rampage by one of their own as an example. Just because they have some wack jobs in the midst that hate all white people and cops, that does not mean that ALL black people hate ALL white people. In the same token, when some wack job white fool (a cop or civilian) shoots and kills a black person, it does not mean that  ALL white people hate all black people.


This dude is a sick bastard that needs to be locked up and then introduced to Old Sparky.


If we ever want to achieve racial harmony,  we have to take race card out of the race.

Because, some other crazy bastard in Cleveland, shot and killed one of his own on Easter Sunday, does it mean he hates all of his people? He was just a nut case.


It is a good thing he committed suicide and saved the prison and court systems a lot of $oldi. He should have blown his brains out before killing that innocent old black guy.


If we do not care about ourselves, let us consider the future generations. Do we want to have our kids and grandkids to go through the same nonsense as we have been for far too long?  If your answer is; I don’t know or I don’t care, I suggest you see a shrink.


I have been preaching one word for many years RESPECT. We do not have to like everyone or for that fact, we don’t have to like anyone, all we have to do is RESPECT everyone for who and what they are and 99.9% of the world’s problems would be resolved.


Starting today. Say hello to all the people that you run across and smile. You may be surprised at the results.


Possibly if everyone does this, it may take some time but we may get something going in a positive direction for all of mankind.

Like PDT once so eloquently said; WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??  All we can do is go up from where we are today.



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