Jaywalking???? WFT

Cop beats man accused of jaywalking

“I thought I was going to be the next Trayvon Martin to be honest,” said Nandi Cain Jr., the man who was stopped and assaulted by a cop for jaywalking.



IF this went down exactly the way the video shows it; this bad assed cop should be fired and put in the slams for 6 months to cool his goolunies off.

Even IF the JAYWALKER did take off his jacket and challenged the cop, the cop should have been trained to control himself.  IF in fact, Martin did make a move on the cop it would have been a different story. That is not what the video shows.

Jaywalking has to be one of the most ridiculous laws on the books in some locations.  Looking at the video, this was a residential street. Some of them could be a mile long between intersections. Is any person supposed to walk all the way to the end of the street to cross? Ridiculous!!

This law may apply in some inner city where it is dangerous to cross the street not being in a crosswalk because of the traffic. Not a residential street.

I would think that most of the cops would be smart enough by now not too overused their authority as delicate as relations are between them and the public.


I hope the authorities do what it right for Nandi Cain.

It is almost a given that this ass whipping is going to make this kid millions. Could it have been staged???? Who knows.



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