Vacation or departure

The word is out that Bill O’Reilly is taking a sabbatical from his nightly TV program.

Will this be a sabbatical or a bon voyage?

It is apparent and the truth cannot be concealed that Mr. O’Reilly crossed the line with some of his female cohorts at Fox and is now paying the price.

It is very hard to deny wrongdoing when someone settles for 13 million dollars just to keep the dust down.

Unfortunately just like some other well-known celebrities, Mr. O, not to be confused with Obama, is very good at what he does but his ego and Machoism got the best of him.

As the old sayings go; we always have to pay the piper and if we play we have to pay.

The way I view it, I would not expect to see him back. Big Buck has spoken to Fox New$ upper echelon.

If he did what he is accused of he absolutely should pay the price.


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