Best news in years

China’s Xi tells Trump that Beijing will work with US on North Korea threat

Trump US China_madr (1)_20170412_035907

NO liberal new media, PC-ers and other goolunie smashers; PDT is NOT giving the White Power salute, it is his trademark for success. 

Results like this shows us what hard work, persistence, and communication can accomplish.

Being that everything is inner-connected one way or another in the world of wars and politics; possibly, PDT bombing Syria sent a message to the rest of the world that this administration is not going to be pushed around and means business (does not sell Wolf Tickets).

I still do not totally agree with PDT’s move to bomb Syria because of its dangerous potential long-range effects, but if the bombing produces positive results, then I am wrong.

BUT, always the BIG BUT. I don’t trust the Chinese or any other country to keep their commitments. They have continually displayed their track record of breaking their promises. Let us not hope this is one of them.

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger.


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