Alice Capone – 15 minutes of fame

U.S. woman pleads guilty to Valentine’s Day massacre plot


In Toronto, an American female wack-job has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in a plot where she  and two online friends envisioned pulling off a mass slaughter at a  Canadian mall on Valentine’s Day in 2015, just like Scar Face’s boys did back on  February 14, 1929. The biggest difference being, Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath (Alice Capone), and her crew were going to commit Hara-Kiri after they pulled off their dastardly deed.

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Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath (Alice Capone) of Geneva, Illinois, was one of three people involved in a convoluted, fantasy,  slaughter at the Halifax Shopping Centre in Nova Scotia.

Souvannarath, 25, (she prefers to be called Alice) had plotted the attack with another loony tuner Randall Steven Shepherd, she met on-line. There must be a special site on the internet for wack jobs that are on a mission.


Looking that this nut case Shepard, he and Alice made a very compatible couple.

Souvannarath (Alice) confessed to the plot, a senior police official told The Associated Press in 2015. The senior police official said that Souvannarath confessed after she was arrested at the Halifax airport and that she had prepared a number of pronouncements to be posted on Twitter after her death. Shepherd also was arrested at the airport as he waited for his friend’s arrival.

The other co-conspirator, their 19-year-old accomplish was found dead in his home. When the unnamed fool saw his house surrounded by the cops, he decided to take the easy way out and blew his brains out (that is if he had any brains to begin with).

I have to assume this was all set up for their 15 minutes of fame.

Incidents like this demonstrate the dangers of the internet.  Just like so many other things in our advanced society, many are as bad as they are good.

I sent a reporter to interview some of Alice’s friends in Toronto.  They told us that the girl is all heart.



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