The Brittany way of tipping the cabbie

Fox News

Ohio woman charged with raping, robbing male taxi driver

This dig-bat broad found a new way to pay for her cab ride.  She must be pleased with her transaction, check out the smile on her face when she was booked.


Brittany Carter, 23 was charged with first-degree rape and aggravated robbery for a Jan. 28 incident in Findlay, Ohio, according to the News-Messenger

Carter and two male companions got into a taxi around 4:24 a.m. After they got to their destination, while one of the male companions Corey Jackson held a knife to the cabbie’s throat, Brittany gave the cabbie a tip he never received before by performed a sex act on the shocked 29-year-old driver.

Carter and the two men allegedly stole $32 from the driver’s pocket and fled.

Brittany’s two accomplishes are still on the run while this flowering Tulip sits in an Ohio jail cell not able to make bail for $60,000.00.

Brittany should consider getting in touch with Tiffany Li. Possibly she has a few crumbs left over from that 35 million bond she made the other day to get out of jail.

Post from 5 days ago

Lots of Egg Foo Young

California murder suspect raises unprecedented $35M bail via friends Tiffany Li, a VERY well-off lady from California who is accused of having the father of her two children eliminated, is expected to be released from jail.
Possibly Brittany will learn a good lesson on what is fair and what is not fare when paying for the cab. For SOME people tipping the conventional way is a lot easier, safer (STD) and not against the law.
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2 Responses to The Brittany way of tipping the cabbie

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    That just gave a new view to a “cab ride” 😉

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