Apples and lemons


Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel spending in 1 year

I guess we can say that comes with the territory.

What I would like to compare in about 2 years, what are the accomplishments connected with the travel from both men.

One guy can spend 20 million dollars traveling and accomplish nothing and the other can spend 30 million and be very successful with his endeavours. The proof is in the pudding.  It has nothing to do with the money, it is the end results that matter.

It really doesn’t surprise me that PDT is dissected by the liberal media as much as he has been.  Obama and company pulled a boat load of stunts and were not chastised because of who they were. It would not have been PC. All PDT has to do is pass gas and the entire world knows about it.

Just like everyone else in the world. We have no idea how effective PDT is going to be as the president.  One thing we can take to the bank; whether it is an ego thing, because he is so dedicated to this country or driven to succeed; he will not take any abuse from anyone.  I hope he uses that power and characteristic wisely.

In the Big Card Game of life; we have to know when to hold and when to fold.




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