Please, thank you and excuse me is not in their vocabulary

I have been standing on my soap box for years expressing my opinions on the exact same thing the police captain is in the video; animal/thugs only understand one kind of direct communications.


Many of the thugs, through no fault of their own, were brought up in the ghetto, with no father, their mother had multiple problems of her own, the only role models they had were the corner drug dealer and the guy they looked up to who had about 6 notches in his pistol grip.

Be that as it may, at some point in everyone’s life, regardless of their up bringing, they have to take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming the system or everyone around them.

Bill Cosby may have fallen off the wagon but he put it on the line to the black kids.  He was one of the very few black leaders that cared enough about his people to tell it like it is.

The thugs do not understand; PLEASE PASS THE KETCHUP.  What they do understand is; hey mother %&$@#* pass that red shit.

If anyone would have taken the time when these thugs were young enough to groom properly; I am sure that many of them would be stand-up citizens.

They have been raised to view kindness and compassion as stupidity.  They laugh and mock the pathetic PC people who cater to them.

If some of the do-gooders don’t believe me; they can take a walk after dark or even in the day-time through the 4400 block of West Monroe in Chicago or another neighborhood like it.  I would suggest their insurance policy is up to date before getting out of the car.

What is the answer? For now, communicate with them in the same language the police captain in the video did.  Optimistically, through one of my other pet peeves, EDUCATION, some of them may see the error of their ways somewhere down the dirty road the travel and will do an about-face. Doubtful but hopeful.

Please – thank you – excuse me – I am sorry does not exist in their vocabulary.

As we can see in the video, there are a multitude of good black citizens that recognize the problems and want a resolution desperately.  This should not be about race, it should be about law and order and protecting ALL American people.  BUT, Always the BUT; I am sure some rebel-rouser will make an issue out of it.

Remember good people; there are some slime-ball/thug factions in this country that do not want law and order.

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