Senators differ on Trump’s use of military force, want Congress part of future action

I may agree or disagree with PDT with his actions to bomb Syria, but getting Congress involved in future military actions has many downsides to it.

#1 – leaking activities has been a big problem in our government. Taking away the element of surprise  in military actions would be counter productive.

# 2 – I ask all of my fellow Americans one question. How long does it take politicians to agree on anything? How many years did it take for them to pass a budget?

#  3 – Taking the power away from the president to make instant/split decisions is critical to the safety and security of the country.  If we elect a person to run the country, we should have enough faith in them to make the right decisions (although that has not always been the case).

What separates PDT from other presidents, he has hand-picked professionals in their specific fields (not names out of a barrel)  to assist him in making the right decisions.

I will conclude; leave Congress out of the picture. They can be woken up after the dust settles.

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