Business as Usual in the USA

What is becoming a typical day in the good old US of A!!

and there are thousands of more incidents.

These crimes have become so commonplace, they hardly raise eyebrows anymore.  Just another day at the beach.

For years, all of our politicians have been looking to save a dollar, when the best way to make change is to save the pennies, that will eventually add up to the dollars.  The USA has to start educating our kids from the moment they are born. If we start now, possibly, possibly, possibly, in 50 years, we may have made some significant headway.

The government has always had the DO IT BIG mentality. Set up 1,000 committees to make a study and spend billions doing so. Eventually, they come away empty-handed, except for the people who attend the seminars and gouged themselves with surf and turf, drank cases of Johnny Walker Blue and stayed at the 4 Seasons, all at Uncle Sam’s expense.

EDUCATION is the ONLY answer to returning to a civilized population.  I have serious doubts if I ever see that happening. I will go so far as to say; based on what I have seen in the last few years, the USA and the rest of the world are headed down a slippery slope in a hand basket to ruination.

When I refer to education, I am not stressing 2 + 2 = 4. What I am advocating, is how to teach kids to live a good, respectful, healthy life. These elements have been neglected for years and the windup has become very negative and is only going to get worse, if not resurrected.

Take a look at the post I did a few minutes ago. Were these kids EDUCATED? Hell no. If they were, they would not have gone down the wrong road.

Please, thank you and excuse me is not in their vocabulary

I have been standing on my soap box for years expressing my opinions on the exact same thing the police captain is in the video; animal/thugs only understand one kind of direct communications.


Save the pennies and the dollars will come. If the politicians continue to focus solely on the dollars, our situations will remain chaotic as usual.

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