Mother Nature will soon poke back

Japanese scientists want to be first to drill into the Earth’s mantle

Sooner or later Mother Earth is going to get sick and tired of poking, jabbed, prodding, scratching, piercing, stabbing, digging, blowing up, excavating, drilling into her from every angle.

Everyone whats to the the 1st at something. Japanese scientists now intend to drill down 6.83 miles deep into the earth’s mantel.  For what reason? I guess to see what its composition is.

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I can just envision; someday when some Curious George drills where they shouldn’t have; they will unleash the sleeping giant with a volcanic geyser, to the likes as we have never seen before.


I wonder what kind of drill bit they are going to use?  The temperature that deep into the mantle is so hot, it may even melt the hearts of some of the staunchest PDT’s dissidents.


I say mankind has beat up and abused the Old Girl (Mother Nature) enough. Give the Old Broad a break and let her rest in peace. Someday she is going to bite back and it would be pretty.

Looks like I am in good company and not the only person that shares that opinion.



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2 Responses to Mother Nature will soon poke back

  1. Andre Caticchio says:

    Hey cousin,
    You are up early.
    Andre Caticchio

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