Talk about a boulder roller


Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the US strike against a Syrian government airbase as “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law.”

I know The Judo guy has to be kidding. He did not make this statement with a straight face, did he?

Putin has broken every civil, ethical and moral code/rule ever written, yet he has the goolunies to roll boulders at the USA for bombing Syria, only in retaliation for their sub-human leaders gassing his own people with chemical weapons.

Putin talks about violations of norms and international law. For him to stand by, and most of all support the madman Assad while his gassing and kill 1,000’s of his own people in unconscionable.

Birds of a feather. It is common knowledge that Puting has used the same deadly tactics in the past.  So why would he not support another madman that lives by the same principles and without a conscience?

The time to have corrected this problem was when it was in its infancy not when it is fully developed and out of control.  Should have Bent the tree when it is young.

This may sound a little hypocritical to some readers. I still say it would be to the world’s advantage if the USA, Russia, and China could meet in the middle and develop a kind of working relationship for peace.  This should not be a popularity contest, it is all about the salvation of the human race.

As far as ISIS goes. Go back into my posts 2 years ago. I said; the only way for the world to rid itself of ISIS is for all of the world leaders to ban together, put their egos in the closet, completely destroy ISIS and then they can go back to hating one another.  In unity there is strength.




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