All in or not?

I will stand by my post from yesterday; Buying or selling Wolf Tickets??
All in or not?

Russia challenges Trump to say what he would do about Syria:

The problem with declaring one’s self is, the person has to either put up or shut up.

PDT made a statement yesterday that he was not happy about Asad’s chemical weapons attack on his own people.  I can understand that.  BUT, always the BIG BUT, PDT neglected to say what he was going to do about it.

Not even the lowest form of species would use chemical weapons on another a human being.

Now PDT is being challenged by the Russians as to what his intentions are. This can be a very dangerous move. Hopefully, his decision on his intentions does not come to the world by the way of his obsessive twitting.  If and when he commits, I hope it is a rational decision.

This can not be a game of machoism or who can beat their chest the loudest.

As horrible as I feel about the poor victims of Syria and all of the others poor souls in the world that are being abused, our intervention, no matter what they may be, can only aggravate the existing conditions. There is absolutely no easy fix.

The USA is not in any position to get involved anywhere around the world more than we are already.  We have the North Korea, its madman and disaster hanging over our heads.

Sub-humans like Asad and the Kid Dick-tator are psychotic and do not understand any other way of life than what they are living. The same conditions have existed in their countries for decades and will not end anytime soon, no matter who gets involved.

I hope that PDT knows from our pathetic past history; once we commit ourselves to combat situations we are stuck for the duration.

Take a good look at everything we got involved in since WW II and got our asses kicked. Trillions of dollars and 100’s of 1,000’s of lives have been lost; ALL FOR NOTHING but making some very wealthy war-mongers in this country get a lot richer. 

Common-sense: Protect our own. Keep our mainland safe. Don’t stick our nose where it does not belong.

I will go so far as to say; if ANY  of the wars that we were involved in, if we came away with something positive, then they possibly could be justified. BUT, always the BIG BUT, that was not the case.

As far as North Korea is concerned; if and when the Kid-dick-tator makes a move in the wrong direction, we have to blow him off the map, not before.

Keep your eye on the hog and finger on the trigger.

It is very unfortunate that billions of people’s lives are in jeopardy because of a few madmen.


I guess PDT answered my question; he is BUYING WOLF TICKETS. The outcome can be as bad as it is good.

This a game of high stakes poker. I hope all of the people sitting at the card table should know how disastrous this can turn out for all of its players and the rest of the world.  Circumstances such as this, if not controlled properly, can easly lead to the BIG ONE.  I hope that is something no one wants to see.


Wars are a particular animal that can not be and should not be entered into in a haphazard manner. Either the players are all in or they should not get into the game.

As we all know, last night PDT instructed our military to bomb Syria in retaliation for. Assad using chemical weapons on his people.  I think it was a noble move on the part of the USA but this opens up a very big can of worms. I don’t know if we should have taken the action.

If it was just Syria that we were up against, it would not concern me as much BUT, always the BIG BUT, that is not the case. In bed with Syria, we have Russia and Iran and all of their sympathizers.  It is not an ideal situation.

Who does the USA have in its corner?  Is this going to be yet another quagmire we have gotten into that we are going to carry the entire load?

I can probably come up with a dozen reasons why we should not have become involved in another long drawn out conflict but only 1 reason we should have taken this action; for the sake of the Syrian people.

Is our intervention to correct or change the ongoing conditions in the Middle East or are they going to aggravate them even more? I will take door # 2.

If I am not mistaken, the USA has not heard the end of this from the Judo Guy. This man is all about ego and self-image.  He is not the type that takes being embarrassment laying down. In essences, by the USA bombing his comrade, we are bombing him. I don’t think he is going to just walk away.

A great deal of our success in this operation will depend on; who do we have in the world that is supporting us, physically and financially?

The attack on Syria was a very big leap for PDT to make. I certainly hope he made the right decision. BUT, Always the BIG BUT; is it too little too late?  I would have thought that action before Russia got so heavily entrenched with Syria would have been the wise move, but that did not happen.

It is not a mystery to me why Putin sanctions Assad’s despicable actions. The Judo Guy does not do anything without an ulterior motive. Got to be big bucks in it for him somewhere down the line.

Putin is using Syria to stir up the hornet’s nest just like China is pulling the North Koreans strings.  They start the fight in a bar, let the two guys go toe to toe, while they are stealing their money off of the table.

Very wise on their part but exceedingly conniving, underhanded and dangerous for the entire world.


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