Lots of Egg Foo Young

California murder suspect raises unprecedented $35M bail via friends

Tiffany Li, a VERY well-off lady from California who is accused of having the father of her two children eliminated, is expected to be released from jail after some of her very well-off family friends came up with a bond for 35 million dollars. This is supposed to be the highest amount ever coughed up to spring someone from the slams.

Li’s mother put up 4 million in cash and another 61 mmmillion in property, to get her kid a pass go and don’t collect $200.00 release from jail. Goota sell a lot of Egg Fo Young to come up with that kind of Yuan Renminbi.

Li pleaded not guilty to murder and to directing her boyfriend and another man to kill ex-Keith Green and dispose of his body.  According to reports, she was fearful of losing children in a custody battle with Green.


Li and her alleged hit men.

Just the kind of people we would want to invite over on Sunday for some spaggs and balls.


It is rare that a woman loses custody of her kids. This may tell us something about the lady!

Old Chinese proverb. Man of very wealthy Chinese woman who tries to steal kids may wind-up as next mid-day special on menu.


With the kind of $oldi this family can throw around, the authorities better keep close tabs on Suzy Wong. She may get a bonnet to China and never be found again.


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