Welcome mat for a terrorist

Fox News

Despite history of inciting terror, Palestinian leader slated to visit the U.S. next week


Where in the name of common sense and self-preservation are the brains of the people running this country? Do they even have any??

The next thing we know, our illustrious federal officials are going to throw a birthday party for the Kid-dick-tator the same day he is given the key to the front door on the Casa Bianca.

They better check if he likes chocolate or white cake and frosting. I would hate to see the kid go nuts and kill a few people over a birthday cake.


Jibril Rajoub is a very well known/high-profile terrorist. That fact doesn’t seem top bother the officials that stamping his passport allowing him entry into the USA.

He slated to visit the United States for a speaking engagement at the Israel Policy Forum (IPF) next week.

He is the very same guy who has promoted Palestinian terror over the years in which an estimated 40 people were murdered and over 500 were wounded including five American citizens.


I have to wonder if PDT is going to give this guy pass, if so, is he going to break bread with the enemy.

I do not know who makes irrational decisions like this? All they are doing is putting another nail in the USA’s coffin. I asked this question when Obama was sitting in the Big Chair; WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON??

Where does the insanity in our government end and where does common sense begin??

Like many others, I thought it was going to be a new day with our new leader.

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