The Angel of death got his reward

Donald Harvey, ’Angel of Death,’ serial killer dies after attack in prison

So there is poetic justice and Karma payback after all.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A former nurse’s aide known as the “Angel of Death” after he admitted killing three dozen hospital patients in Ohio and Kentucky died Thursday, two days after he was attacked and beaten in his prison cell.


Donald Harvey, who was found guilty in 1987 of killing 37 people, mostly while he worked as a nurse’s aide at hospitals in Cincinnati and London, Kentucky. After his conviction, he admitted to the killing of 18 vets while working at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cincinnati.

Harvey was a sick puppy who took out his fantasies by killing people he thought had served their usefulness on Earth. Harvey was the doctor, nurse, and executioner wrapped up in one.

The sicko used arsenic and cyanide to poison most of his victims, slipping it in the food he served them. Some of the patients he killed were suffocated when he let their oxygen tanks run out. These were all painful slow deaths.

For quite some time it was a mystery to hospital officials why so many people were dying at these locations, never suspecting their nurse’s aid Harvey.  That could be considered not seeing the forest on account of the trees. One would think that after 2 or 3 deaths, even 5 or 6, they would have suspected Harvey being he had attended to all of the deceased.

He was caught after a medical examiner smelled cyanide while performing an autopsy on one of the victims. That was in 1987, 30 years ago.

Yesterday Harvey got what was coming to him.  He was found in his cell beaten to death.

Whoever beat him to death should get surf and turf for a year as their reward.


For 30 years it cost taxpayers about $960,000 to house, fed and cloth this serial killer.  WHY?? For $1.25 bullet back in 1987 he could have been put out of his misery and saved the State of Ohio about one million dollar$.

But, as the old saying goes; all is well that ends well!!

The Angel of Death got exactly what he deserved only 30 years too late when he was French kiss by the devil.


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