Pathetic Prof needs to be bitch slapped


A Drexel University professor tweeted that he was “trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul” after he watched a first-class passenger give up his seat for a uniformed soldier on an airplane.

Many on Twitter responded to the professor’s comments with anger and outrage.
This is what the spineless twerp tweeted.
C8Ly4UlVoAIEG8u.jpg large
Georgy is the typical spineless coward that wants to live in the USA where all of his freedoms are protected but WOULD NOT ever consider lifting a finger to help defend this country because he is a coward. He should be bitch slapped because he acts like a spineless bitch.
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Instead of complimenting the person that gave the soldier their 1st class seat, Georgy demonstrated his lack of respect by his off the wall comment.  If he didn’t agree with the kind gesture, all he had to do was keep his bitch mouth shut.
Georgy would not make it on the front lines for 10 seconds before he shit all over himself and ran like a coward as his cousin Bowe Bergdahl did.
Not only did the little bitch insult the person that gave up their seat, the little bitch insulted everyone that ever served in the military.
It has always amazed me, the cowards like Georgy Girl who want to live in this country, enjoy all of its freedoms but constantly bitch about it.  There are options for all of the anti-Americans; LEAVE. No one has a gun to their heads to stay and suffer in the USA.
The worst part about people like Georgy Girl that are in the teaching capacity, they are poisoning the kid’s minds that they are instructing in college.
Where would this country be if we did not have our patriots defending us?
Semper Fi to all that have served and those that are serving.
For all the rest of the anti-American little bitches like Georgy Girl; tomorrow there is a chartered plane leaving for North Korea. Be on it.  The Kid Dick-tator over there shoots people for falling asleep at a meeting; the loose-lipped cowards should last 5 minutes, MAYBE.

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