Worst of the worst – heartless as they come

Evil doesn’t even scratch the surface on how this cold-blooded, callous, heartless, money mongering bitch that calls herself a doctor had a hand in killing multiple people with her fake homemade cure-all.  She is as diabolical as she is hard to look at.


Dr. Christine Daniel was given to 168 months (or 14 years) in federal prison Friday for selling a fake herbal cure to patients suffering from diseases including cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.


She preyed on the very sick, weak, vulnerable people and their families when they were at the end of their rope, hoping and praying for a miracle that would save their life.  Instead of an angel of mercy coming to save them, Lucifer’s sister came instead.

This conniving thief charged her desperate patients upwards of 5 G’s a week for her treatment cure-all fake medicine.  It is estimated that she poisoned at least 20 or more people with her with her homemade brown sludge that included, suntan lotion, beef flavoring and over the counter vitamins she concocted in her home.

Everyone this witch/bitch treated eventually died.  We can easily say that she contributed to all of their deaths by feeding them false hope and a fake cure-all.  14 years in the slams was a gift to this evil %*$@#.

She once was a highly respected person in the community that made her scam very easy to pull off. She was a practicing physician, had a degree in ministry and several other shingles she displayed on her walls of deceit.

When we think we have heard it all; up jumps the devil and his sister.

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2 Responses to Worst of the worst – heartless as they come

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    The Devil walks amongst us

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