Possibly not a wise choice

Trump Taps Jared Kushner To Lead Team That Will Run Government ‘Like A Company’

Trump hosts a meeting with manufacturing CEOs at the White House in Washington

As well all know, a company and a government are two distinctive different entities, both being two different animals, both requiring very different sets of skills to make them successful.

It has been proven over the years, the way the government operates is extremely reckless, wasteful, without consequences for the blunders of its officials, haphazardly organized of any, with little to no regard to its stockholders (the taxpayers) welfare. The top dogs are only concerned with how big they can make their dog house before they retire.


On the other hand, very accomplished companies have proven themselves by being successful, held accountable for their errors/mistakes, profitable and responsible to their shareholders. The bad choices usually don’t make it till noon time to eat their capicola sandwiches.

Dead weight and mismanagement in government have always been a disgrace. I have always said; up to 50% of some government employees could be eliminated and they would never be missed. They squander the hell out of their stockholder’s money because it is not theirs. They have Carte Blanch to do whatever they want when they want and if the screw-up, they are either promoted to the next level or hide in the back office until they can retire. Absolutely no accountability.

The following are only a few minute example of 1,000’s of ways the government has mismanaged taxpayers money.






The question I have and I am sure many other Americans have; is PDT making the right decision putting his son-in-law in such a responsible and delicate position as one of his chief advisors? Even if the lad is qualified, I have some reservations regarding the nepotism issues.

Kushner is 36 years old. Based on his affiliations with his family businesses, he should be a very experienced person. That remains to be seen. He has a very extensive background and naturally comes from big money.


There have to be many other qualified people there that are not a relative and have much more time on the job than PDT’s son-in-law. Time on the job = qualifications.

Being under the microscope like PDT is, it is critical every move he makes is the right one. Now is not the time for him to dig a deeper hole to pacify or ingratiate family members??  PDT should do everything in his power to keep the game clean and not open himself to criticism.

MY personal observations; Kushner reminds me of what we called a 90-day wonder in the Marine Corps, a 2nd lieutenant with just 6 months in, just graduated from OCS and was giving orders to all the Master Sergeants that had 19.5 years under their belts. Use your imagination.


I certainly hope for PDT’s sake his son-in-law is a better advisor than the stiffs that have been guiding him lately. He has had some terrible advice along the way resulting in terrible decisions. Biggest blunder to date; Obama bugging Trump Towers for starters!! He still has not come up with proof. How the hell put that bug in his ear?


Serious allegations like that need absolute proof before hitting the front pages or in PDT’s case the Twitter buttons.

The guy on top of PDT’s advisory board is Steve Bannon.



His credentials are very impressive but if he is the guy putting that bug in PDT’s ear, I have some serious reservations about him and what his motivations are. If he is the guy behind the BUM SCOOP/SCUTTLE-BUTT, is he trying to help PDT or ruin him?

Just a curious question. Does Kushner address PDT as; Mr. President, Mr. Trump, Donald, Dad or  אַבָּא’לֶה



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