Are you Sirius??

In my opinion, Sirius Radio is just another hustle like all the rest of the sharpies in business these days.


It is rare that we can see anything that is not the 1st in their field, the best one the market, # 1 product and one of a kind in the world. The scams and false claims are endless.

There is a law against companies using false advertising to attract customers but from where I am sitting, I don’t see it implemented very much, if ever.  Sirius has gone way beyond commercial free radio.

The list of scams are endless.

I did a post on a few months ago on the product My Pillow. Mike the inventor/owner of My Pillow claims he was working on perfecting his pillow for 10 years and it took two years to develop it.

My response to his statement; the Empire State Building was completed in 14 months; COMPLETED. Mike buddy you may have improved a pillow, MAYBE, but this not building one of the pyramids.

Sirius radio started out charging about 50.00 a year. Their hook was supposed to be it was commercial free listening.  Right out of the box, they hired Shock Jock  Howard Stern for 1/2 billion dollar$.

Now the yearly fee is over 200.00 dollar$ and little by little they have squeezed commercials in their broadcasting that we are being bombarded by. What was the benefit?

Here is a tip FOLKS. Recently. when I got my bill (I am a dummy like the rest of the subscribers) it was for 200.00 bucks. I called and told them to cancel my subscription. I told them how out of line they are and they could not disagree. I now pay a little over 50.00 a year. Don’t let them railroad you. Threaten to quit and they will reduce your yearly fee substantially.

Remember my earlier post today. Don’t threaten, you have to follow through.

Sessions takes aim at ‘dangerous’ sanctuary cities, warns on funding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired a broadside at so-called “sanctuary cities” Monday, telling reporters local policies of noncooperation with immigration authorities are “dangerous” and will cost communities federal funding.

What, another joke?

When I was a kid, my old man only had to say something once; there was no secret as to what he meant and what the consequences were if we did not listen the first time.

The USA has just gone through 8 years of; I AM WARNING YOU, YOU BETTER, IF YOU DON’T, not only in this country but around the world.  I would hate to see the Trump administration follow suit. So far it looks like a close race.

They have over 30,000,000 $ubscribers.  Taking an average; lets say they charge everyone 125.00 a year. That come to 3.75 billion a year. Not small potatoes. That is not counting what they are charging companies to advertise; something that was not suppose to happen with PAID RADIO.

Everything in this life is a scam. You can bet your pillow on it.


I have no objections to companies/people making big money, that is the American way. What I do object to is, the hustle.

Buyer Beware!! Learn to negotiate. Many companies will deal with their customers if pressed.



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