Hyper what? Hyperpolyglots

This Man Speaks 32 Different Languages:

I am having a hard time mastering the English language.

Ioannis Ikonomou works for the European Commission as a translator. It’s a prestigious position, and yet it still sells him short. You see, Ioannis speaks 32 living languages. He belongs to a very small and special group of people called hyperpolyglots who have the extraordinary ability to attain fluency in many different tongues. According to Ioannis, there’s no special trick or easy way to become a hyperpolyglot, but the best way to start is to boldly put yourself out there and SPEAK.

It is totally amazing the power of the human brain if it could be used to its fullest capacity.

According to the brainiacs, the average person uses about 10% of our brain power.  The problem is, we do not know how to access that 90% that is laying dormant.  That may be a good thing.

I can’t even imagine how much trouble I could have gotten into throughout my life if I used the other 90%.

Fortunately, only a chosen few have learned how to have achieved the use of their fullest potential in brain power.  Just think of what destruction the tyrants or democrats in this world could inflict with 90% more horsepower.

index                     Stalin1952

Too many other to list.

I stopped this post for a minute to do something, came back to the computer and forgot what I was posting. Had to read it all over again.

Happy Sunday to all the good peace-loving people on Earth.

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