Free Nipple Society??

Colorado city vows to appeal judge’s ruling that allows women to go topless

Talk about a bunch of fools really going off the deep end. In Colorado there are a group of ladies that feel it is in their best interest and that of the public to show off their hooters. The call themselves the Free Nipple Society.


I have some other suggestions like; Horrible  Hooters,  Nasty Nipples, Terrible Tits or Belittled Boobs.

What the hell is the matter with them and better yet, what is the matter with the flaky judge that initially approved the circus side show?

That Rocky Mountain air must have clouded his dis-honor brain.  Possibly his dis-honor has been spending too much money slipping 20 dollar bill$ in the strippers garter belt and wants a free show.


We don’t have enough waste of taxpayers funds in this country. This ridiculous issue is going before a federal judge trying to reverse this BOOB parade.  It will probably cost 100’s of 1,000’s before the dust settles.

Are these exhibitionists that simpleminded or were they all dropped on their head when they were born?

The next thing we will probably see; The Colorado Cronies are going to come up a Penis Parade so the fellas don’t feel discriminated against.  That would not be PC to leave the guys out.

I bet these MOTHERS want their kids to grow up just like them.

I say; nip the Nipple Society in the bud.


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