Bleeping Biden

Good Old Joe must have had something on Obama way back when the Senator from Illinois was running for the Big Chair and he tapped Joking  Joe on the shoulder for the Little Chair.

I could never figure out; of all the people in the democratic party, why Mr. O tapped Joe.

Some people like to put on the Holier Than Thou act when it comes to finger pointing.

Can we classify a lot of Joe’s conversations as Locker Room Talk?  I would say so.  How does he come off criticizing PDT?

I still think PDT would have kicked his ass.

Tell me what supposed polished individual would make a public threat or comment like that??

I don’t have a problem with locker room or man to man conversation; this is the way many of us were brought up and is a part of our everyday conversation.


What I do have a problem with are boulder rollers; people that use that type of language but roll boulders at others that do the same. You know, the guy in the corner with the halo on his head.

Figure this one out:


This is what the recipient of the Presidents Medal of Freedom  is supposed to represent:

“An especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

Did this say culture??

I wonder how many people agree with Mr. O’s generosity??

I probably would get along very well with Joe sitting at some neighborhood bar arm wrestling, throwing down a few shots of Governers Club and Rolling Rock. He seems to be that type of guy.

What I think he should try to stay away from is

download (3)

I don’t think that Good Old Joking Joe has leg to stand on when it comes to chastising anyone that has a foul mouth. He may go down in history as one of the crudest VP ever.

I don’t have a problem with anyone like him, I do have a problem with finger pointers.

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