May be the Yellow Brick Road???

Ivanka’s role raises red flags

I happen to agree with CNN. I think there is a fine line PDT is walking when he hires/appoints/anoints family member and or close friends to positions in his administration.

There is a thing called nepotism that may or may not apply to these situations.  According to reports, neither Ivanka or her husband will be paid for their services.

I don’t know if this is just a prestige thing or a status symbol. If they are not being paid, why do the need an office or a title.  They can discuss national business over tea and crumpets @ 1400 everyday.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-Law, Is Cleared to Serve as Adviser

According to Ivanka, she has been advising her father all of her life. I think that is a good thing BUT, always the BIG BUT; does that fact constitute a position in his cabinet.
On the other side of the coin; especially in a position as the President of the USA, I am sure that he wants to feel safe and secure with the people around him. PDT is a very big target, physically and politically. His records shows he is 6′ 2″ tall and tips the scale @ 236 lbs. That is a lot of man, in more ways than one.
If his daughter and son in-law are not on the payroll, he should just have them on the side-lines and continue to do what they have been without a title.
OR, always the BIG OR; is PDT paving the way for Ivanka for what is to come down the Yellow Brick political road??
If he plays his cards the right way, comes across with all of his commitments to the people in the USA and keeps himself out of the jackpots he gets himself into; he will be strong enough politically to pass the baton to Ivanka. Possibly he is grooming Ivanka and getting her the exposure she needs to do what Bill’s Bride couldn’t do; be the 1st person to sit in the big chair wearing a dress.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Huh folks??
Don’t forget, you read it first on the Goomba Gazette. Let’s see if the news media pick up on my premonitions.
This very well may be PDT walking his daughter down the Yellow Brick Road.
TITLE: Ivanka in Wonderland.
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