Good idea; then not!

A few minutes ago I was watching the local evening news. The station had a piece on trying to hire more women firefighters.  Good ideas I thought. The ladies should have the same advantages in all aspects of the business/working world; as long as they are qualified. The same goes for a man under similar circumstances.

Women make good truck drivers, operators of heavy equipment and a multitude of other occupations that at one time were only manned by men; some may even make good fire fighters BUT.


Then the big let down in the report. The city in questions has agreed to lessen some of the testing requirements to accommodate the ladies.  That is OK if we are testing for a cook or a baker or even a candlestick maker, BUT, always the BIG BUT; not a fireman/fire-lady.

When someone’s life is in jeopardy and the female firefighter is not strong enough to carry that person out of a burning building or down a ladder, what do we tell the victim’s family?  We had to lower the test score so the ladies did not feel bad? Not much consolation.


IF, always the BIG IF; anyone, man, women or beast can not satisfactorily pass all of the requirements including the strength in any occupation, they should automatically be rejected.

Get off the PC bandwagon foolish people, there are lives are at stake.

If there is one thing that burns my ass, besides a burning building, is a fire chief that will agree to such an arrangement just to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. This is what I saw tonight in the report. Someone should fire him and put a female in his PC-place.

Name of city withheld because of embarrassment.

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