Celeb; I don’t know about this one???

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant could have greatest miss in show’s history

A contestant only identified by his first name Kevin, has to embarrassment enough) has to feel like the biggest ding dong on the planet this morning.  The picture says a 1,ooo words.


Last night on Wheel of Fortune, Kevin missed one of the easiest puzzles of all times. Proving one thing; you don’t have to be a genius to become a celeb.


The poor guy may have been very nervous not being able to solve this easy puzzle.

I think it will be a very long time before he can live this one down. With one letter left, he said K instead of M to solve the puzzle.  Possibly Kev was too young to remember the movie. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

I hope for his sake he has a steel jock strap to wear, he certainly is going to get those goolunies of his busted for quite sometime.

The article did not mention that he missed another easy answer later in the program.

A little advice of Kev; don’t bother auditioning for any more game shows.  Quit while you are ahead.

Kevin has the distinction of being the most popular guys in the country today for all the wrong reasons.


I still can’t figure out what Vanna White is paid for. She must have a hell of an agent. Believe it or not; the lady makes 8 million a years to point her finger. Her co-host Pat make a cool 12 million. At least he has a speaking role.

One other way-over-paid celeb that amazes me with her obnoxious behavior, the Nasty Judge Judy. This old hen makes 47 million a year to insult people. What a piece of work she is. She is getting nastier by the day. I guess that is why fools like me watch her.


I think it is time to retire the Judy into the barn yard with the rest of the old hens.






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