They said; their meat could not be beat!!

Brazil raids food giants for allegedly selling rotten meat

It is not bad enough when someone/a company accidentally sells a product that they do not know it is bad/spoiled/rotten but when they do it deliberately; that puts them in their own special category of scumbags.



Brazil launched a massive raid on meat producers this week, alleging that they bribed inspectors to certify meat that was either rotten or tainted with salmonella.

Two of the largest meat producers JBS and BRF, both of which sell meat around the world, were among the companies caught up in the raid. The country’s federal police said the raids unearthed more than 30 instances of meatpackers paying bribes.

 Some of the meat ended up in lunches at public schools, police said at a press conference in Curitiba, Brazil. They said there was also evidence that some of the meat was destined for markets in Italy and Spain.
There is really no end to just how low some people will stoop when it comes to making the mighty $$$$$$.  They cheat, steal, lie, kill and even sell tainted meat to schools. I wonder if any of their kids ate some of the road-kill accidentally?
As we should expect, the company JBS who is the biggest meat processor in the world released a statement; none of its executives were singled out in the investigation and that its headquarters were not targeted. The company says it meets international standards and supports punishing those who do not adhere to regulations.  
I may be missing something. If none of their execs were targeted and their headquarters was not involved, what low-level employee in their organization could pull off such a large caper without the upper echelon knowing about it.  If in fact, the people who control the company didn’t have any knowledge of the tainted meat, they should not be at the helm.
I have never seen misconduct of large proportions in any organization where the top people did not know about it. Ask Richard Nixon or Joe Paterno if you happen to bump into them.
Any police operation that was the size of this one had to involve some very high-level people. This raid was no small potato operation. It involved 1,100 agents 309 court orders, 194 search warrants, 27 detentions and 77 police interrogations, yet no one at the top with JBS knew anything about it.
One thing we can say for the giant meat supplier; they sure run a tight ship.
I think they better reconfigure the slogan on their logo. It doesn’t sound suitable anymore.


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