The Shadow knows

According to FBI director Comey; it is his belief that Russia was attempting to help the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton machine.

Common-sense tells me that it doesn’t make sense, unless The Judo Guy and PDT are in bed with one another, a claim that I find hard to believe. BUT, always the BIG BUT, there have been a lot of strange things that have happened walking down the Yellow Brick Road.


The reason I fell that Mr. Comey is wrong; The Judo Guy knows he can kick Clinton around and play games with her like he did Obama. If she was elected he could have continued with Hillary where he left off with Mr. O.  BUT if everything is kosher and there is no clandestine nonsense going on behind closed doors, there is no way he can man-handle PDT like he did Obama and his crew.

They can do all the investigating in the world BUT, there are only 2 people that really know the truth; maybe three; The Judo Guy- PDT and The Shadow.

One thing I can say with absolute certainty; if it is ever proven beyond any doubt that PDT and The Judo Guy were/are in collusion with one another in any way shape or form, the party will definitely be over.



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One Response to The Shadow knows

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I don’t trust Comey after the Hillary email nonsense. part-I, and part-II.
    The FBI is only interested in protecting government criminals, and are no longer a protector of the People or the nation.

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