Comey: Have no info that supports Trump’s wiretapping tweets:

Mar. 20, 2017 – 5:44 – In testimony to the House Intelligence Committee hearing, the FBI director confirms that neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice has evidence to support President Trump’s claims alleging Obama ordered wiretap

One of two choices for PDT;  1, get better intelligence sources or  2nd, take more time to evaluate information he receives before making accusations against anyone.

It is not bad enough that PDT started off on a bad note with so many people, but he continues giving them a lot more ammunition to use against him.  He doesn’t need any more headaches than he has already.  I don’t know if he can stand 46 more months of getting knocked around?

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, is it possible that he was misinformed on the Obama wire-tapping-caper?  I can not even imagine that as savvy as PDT is supposed to be, he would jeopardize himself by making something as damning as this up.

If his advisors concocted this story to deflect the heat away from some of the other bad press he was getting, he would be better of buying with one of these, they are on sale for $19.50.


It would probably be more accurate.

If it is a case of misinformation supplied to him, he should scrutinize who his sources are and hang them out to dry.

If that is not the case and he is fabricating these hypotheticals on his own; he has a real problem.

In either case; as I have said repeatedly, he has to throw that miserable tweeting machine away.  For a man as impulsive as he is with firing back comments, Tweety Bird is doing a job on him.


He is playing right into their hands of the anti-Trump people every time he punches out a new tweet. He is like the guy that is burning down his own house.

Fox News top stories:



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2 Responses to Bleak

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Watching Fox News, I did not care for the way Comey was evading questions asked by Trey Gowdy. Deception. Not what made Hoover’s G-Men famous to the point of legendary.
    The president can take it for the duration of his term. I only wish he would restore 2A and give America, Constitutional Carry.
    The way Democrats and other crybabies are headed, MARK MY WORDS, because they are going to cause President Trump to develop a mean streak. Wait until he really gets in people’s faces. They will be traumatized and need to suck their thumbs.

    • Unfortunately, any way PDT turns at this point, he is running into a brick wall. His only salvation is going to be if he can come across with his commitments to the American people and prove to the nay-sayers he is 100%; as well as coming out on the clean end of these scandals.

      I still can not understand the Obama wire-tapping, Why would he put himself into such a jackpot if Comey and the rest of the hound dogs are correct???

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