Warning siren anyone??

I always like to ask dumb questions so maybe I can get a dumb answer?

Do the fences surrounding the Casa Bianca have any type of warning devices attached to them for a JUST-IN-CASE situations? I have done a little research and could not find the answer.

If there are not any warning devices, why isn’t there? I would have to conclude that the gate keepers are a lot more lax than I thought and there should be a few 100 dozen ordered and installed tomorrow. Government PO’s are easy to get.


Think about 100 of these would wake up the dead??

If there are warning devices; how the hell does some fence jumper get over 3 sets of fences and roam around the grounds for 15 minutes undetected??

What about the watch dogs, are they mating and can’t pull away from the work?


Having a slight bit of knowledge of firearms, I know that there can be a hell of a lot of damage inflicted in 2 minutes, let alone 15.

Many of the agents are not doing their job and some disciplinary actions should be taken; like firing them.

First and foremost I would want to make sure PDT and his family safe. PDT has made a lot of commitments to the American people and want to see him live long enough to come up shooting.

Now I don’t want to throw rocks at the guys and gals in the SS, I think for the most part they do a phenomenal job, BUT, always the BIG BUT. In the last few years they have fallen down on the job too many times and there is no excuse for it.

As soon as an intruder’s big toe hits a restricted area, they should already have a bag over their head or be shot if necessary.





I think it is about time someone shakes up the troops and puts the hammer down on the agents that are guilty of dereliction of duty.

With the fence jumpers getting away with their tip toeing through the Casa Bianca’s tulips, I will bet there are a lot more other nut cases putting on their fence climbing gear.

Snap too troops. The Commander-in-Chief and his families lives are in your hands.  I want all of the naysayers to see that PDT was not selling Wolf Tickets.

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3 Responses to Warning siren anyone??

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Complexed situation, having many facets. I believe it is time the Secret Service was squashed into US Treasury where they belong, and US Marshal Service, gets the Presidential Unit, as it should be.

    • You got to just about kill somebody to get disciplined on the government. Then maybe that’s not enough

      • Brittius says:

        If they are civil service, it will be difficult, unless the entire rank-and-file are removed. Which is exactly what the president should do. After all, the Secret Service guarded Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, JFK. Let the US Marshal Service do the job.

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