More gasoline on the fire????

Whether Judge Andrew Napolitano’s anonymous sources were right about Obama using the British to spy on President Trump is the 64 dollar question.

According to The Judge; instead of Obama using LOCAL sources to spy on Trump before the election, he went across the pond to the UK and scrounged up some British spies to do his dirty work.

Can that this accusation be substantiated?  Some don’t think so.

Is this just another ploy to deflect the bad press away from PDI’s accusation that Obama bugged his Big Apple building??  It certainly has attracted a lot of bad press.

For the sake of PDT and his credibility, I hope both he and The Judge can come up shooting with their claims.

I learned many years ago; before making any accusation against anyone, I better have all my ducks in a row and be able to back up my statements; 1st by being certain that my sources are credible.

If these issues don’t turn out in favor of PDT; he is going to have a very long bumpy road ahead of him.  I can’t imagine that he would jeopardize himself based on the way the media has been bird-dogging him. BUT, always the BIG BUT; who knows??



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