Let the puppeteer pull the strings

China to US: Be ‘cool-headed’ on North Korea:

We all the know that China is the puppeteer and North Korea is one of their puppets. Now is the time for the puppeteer to pull their strings and get the puppet in line.

It is very easy to suggest that someone should BE COOL HEADED when the gun is not pointed at their head.

The Kid dick-tator that runs North Korean is like the neighborhood dummy who everyone pushes to instigate a fight and they stand back and watch.  It never dawns on the dummy that he is a patsy/fool and being used. That is exactly what China is doing; using the dummy in North Korea to start a fight. When the dust settles they will come in and scoop up the spoils.

Let us not loose sight of the fact that China is a communist country, their leaders really hate the USA, aside from all the put on ceremony.  They would like nothing better than to plant their flags on all the buildings on US soil.  Anyone that doesn’t see that must have blinders on.

That would be a hell of a way for China to get back some of those trillions we owe them.

Remember the aircraft carrier!!


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2 Responses to Let the puppeteer pull the strings

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I don’t know if China has the same relationship with Fat Boy, as they did with his father and grandfather. I believe they see Fat Boys as a “useful idiot” of sorts. Everything related to Korea, I blame Truman. He never should have stepped in the way of MacArthur.

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