Rabbit in the hat

Optimistically, for his sake; I hope that PDT can pull the rabbit out of the hat to back-up his wiretapping accusations. It seems, now that his back is against the wall he is, what shall we call it; making alterations to his original statement. Not a good thing. Before anyone accuses another person of anything, especially of this magnitude; they must be 100% sure they can back it up.


According to PDT; “Wiretap covers a lot of different things,” Trump told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in an interview to air Wednesday night. “I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.

I disagree. It will be interesting to see exactly he comes up with; if anything.

This electronic texting tool that seems to have  PDT mesmerized is doing him more harm than good. He has to get a soldier in the 6th Armoured Tank Division to run that Mother over.

As we all know, just like in a marriage, we have to take the good with the bad; for better or worse. The same thing applies to PDT. There are things he is going to slip up on just like any other president we had sitting in the Big Chair.

There is one distinct difference between PDT and some of/most of the other occupants of the Casa Bianca. The man, for the most part, is taking care of business. He has come out swinging. He has hit a few foul balls but that is to be expected when in the big leagues. He is trying his best to keep the promises that got him elected.  That cannot be said about many of the past Commander-in-Chief’s. As soon as they lifted their hand off of the bible, they seem to get amnesia.

I know, I am going to hear from all the gooluine smashers that say; I never complimented Obama. They are dead wrong. Go back in my posts and look; I gave the man a check mark at least a dozen times but only when I thought he deserved it.

Since PDT (then just DT) threw his hat into the political, I have chastised him about 20% of the time for some of the off the wall stunts he pulled.  BUT, always the BIG BUT, I have continued to support him from day one. I even donated a few $oldi to his campaign, not that he needed it.

Is he going to fall off the hay wagon from time to time? If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be human.

I heard on the news this morning a guy say; PDT has done more for small business and manufacturing companies than any president has.  He is just getting started.

One piece of advice I would give PDT if he ever called me (fat chance); stop and think before responding. Then; throw away the text machine. It is doing you more harm than good.

By the way PDT; keep up the good work. It takes a hell of a person to keep firing under such extreme pressure as the PC-idiots are throwing at you.

Semper Fi to you

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