Saved the court costs

The bank guard Brian Harrison at Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois, earned his money on January 20th of this year when he fatally shot and killed a wanna-be  John Dillinger.


The inept ALMOST bank-robber Laurence Turner died at the scene after being hit twice.  He has been linked to other robberies but that day picked the wrong bank and the wrong guard.

That is fantastic; Harrison just saved the government big money. No lengthy trial, no incarceration. Depending on who we talk to, it can cost between 45 G’s to 128 G’s a year to house a prisoner.

If I ever get locked up I want to go to the 128 G’s a year slams. They must have surf and turf every night and wash it down with Dom Perignon.

If you happen to be squeamish; cover your eyes when the video plays.

I am thrilled to see that Harrison goes to the shooting range on a regular basis. He was DEAD on that day and definitely is a hero.

To all of the thieves out there that think all of the guards in banks are for show-and-tell, think again.


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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Problem #1: The guard, is not wearing bullet resistant body armor. I understand, people don’t always wear a vest, but if working, and especially if in uniform, body armor, is a prerequisite.

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